Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stephen & T-Ball

This is Stephen's last T-Ball practice of the year. He even slid into home plate. We wanted to see if we can put a video on screen successfully. It is a lovely day today here in Vegas, 80 degrees, no wind, very nice. John's sister Deb, is visiting us from Colorado. She has been with us for a week now, and we enjoy her visit. She has helped us with different house projects, that we never seem to be able to get done.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pictures of our front yard

My mom called and asked for some photos of the front yard after LandCrafters finished it. This is a contact through the church and they did a great job for us. The Water District here also paid for 3/4 of the conversion to desert landscaping, which is a bonus too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New house + New dog

We wanted to include some pictures of our new house & our dog, Madison. Now that we are not renters, we can have a dog! The house was a repo, & we got a good deal on it. It had stood vacant for 9 months, but only needed minimal work done. We love where we live, and our neighbors are great. We believe that God really blessed us with this home. Please come visit us if you are ever down this way.

Preaching Rally/ Sarah's 13th birthday

Sarah is now 13. This is her new hat from Grandpa & Grandma that makes her look like a horse jockey! We had a great time when they were here with us.

Darrell asked Dad to preach for the 30 year anniversary of "The Solid Rock " live radio broadcast here in Las Vegas.

As you can see, Sarah is getting quite tall, 5'3 at this point. Nathan isn't too far behind. They do grow up fast.

San Diego in August

Our family went to San Diego, CA on August 13, 14 & had a great time. It was fun, cool, and good to be together. The animals at Sea World were amazing, and the ocean was so beautiful & peaceful, we loved it. We sat in the splash zone, but didn't really get wet. However, on the River Rapid ride, we got so soaked even our shoes squished when we walked.