Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nathan's paper

This is a paper Nathan wrote about his camp experience. I wanted to share it with you! Lisa

This year at Park Creek I had a great time. Although it took a long time to make it up there it was worth it. On the way up, I was the crazy one in the car. I told jokes, played funny music, and was down right hilarious. When we got to camp, I found a spot right next to my best friend Creighton. As the kids keep arriving, I knew it would be a great week.

My tribe, Children of Thunder, had some great memorizers. All through the week, we were neck to neck with another tribe, The Flaming Chariots. The first day I said all my dailies and 1 bonus. By the end of the week I said all 3 bonuses which were Psalms 92:12-15, Romans 8:5-11, and Isaiah 55. With the help of the rest of the tribe we won.

The classes we had were amazing. John Hull and Luke Anderson taught the first one which was all about Body parts that help us thrive in the kingdom, like our mouths, ear, etc. Lance Osborn taught the second one, which was all about Joseph and how he thrived even in his hard situation. The sermons at morning and evening service were amazing. All week we learned about thriving and how to do it. I learned a lot at camp this year and I will keep it with me forever.

Rec. was a great part of camp. At rec. time we played volleyball, basketball, and so on. Some other games were capture the flag, obstacle courses, and tug a war over a mud pit. All week in rec. only two people were hurt, me and a friend named Brandon. That is what I did this year at camp. I had fun, learned a lot, met new people, played and had fun, memorized a lot, and so on.