Monday, August 4, 2008

Getting up and running!

Hello from sunny Las Vegas, the lovely mountain picture is of Mt. Charleston about 40 minutes NW of Las Vegas. We are hoping that this blog will be set up easily, so you can all view it. We are doing great. We are enjoying our summer, and looking forward to school starting in a few more weeks, not so happily though for the kids! Summer has been busy with camp, and yard projects, and swimming in our 10ft round pool on the patio. Camp was a great highlight as usual for the kids. We took 5 campers, and thankfully Stephen didn't get sick at all this year! John & I taught each day, with John preaching one night. We got to spend time with new & old friends. I was the camp nurse this year, which was interesting to say the least. Just a note, the blog is best viewed with Internet Explorer, Firefox doesn't work very well.