Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eve in the Garden

This is a description I wrote about what it might have been like in the Garden of Eden. It also reminds me to think about what heaven will be like!

A breeze rustles through the trees, reminding you of peaceful windswept days.
As you look around, you see brilliant flowers in the most beautiful colors.
Hydrangeas that are so blue, they are almost violet.
Roses that you smell even before you see their lovely buds.
Every color imaginable is around you, yellows, purple, reds.
A wolf softly walks on deep layers of grass, but have no fear
The creature nuzzles you and then keeps walking.
The sun shines brightly, but not enough to make you squint.
And the trees, tall and stately with every imaginable kind of fruit.
Luscious oranges full of juice, the sweetest apples you ever ate
Banana trees laden down with their sweet, soft fruit.
All for you to eat and enjoy.
There is no death, no fear, no filth.
All is clean, cared for, at peace
Best of all, God the Father is there, He walks with you, He talks with you.
As you lay down at night, all is well, only peace, love and contentment.
No sin, no fear, no danger, every need is met, everything is wonderful.


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